Knife Holder Quin

Keep your knives safely organized in the most stylish way possible, with the Magnetic Bamboo Knife Holder from Coninx.

This knife holder brings a truly functional decoration to your kitchen. It’s designed to showcase your beautiful cutlery in a way that is safe and clean, yet aesthetically pleasing. Handcrafted from sustainable and durable bamboo, this knife holding board features a powerful magnet that is hidden on the backside of the board. You can hold up to 5 of your knives securely in place, creating the illusion that your knives are floating on a piece of bamboo.

The board is slightly angled, and sits on a solid piece of steel with an anti-slip grip, ensuring your knife board never falls over. Easy to operate and even easier to clean, allowing you to keep your kitchen sanitary. This knife holding board comes complete with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Give your kitchen, and your knives, an upgrade to a sleep and more stylish functioning knife holder.

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